Dear students,
We are happy to certify our school as a Huawei ICT Academy, which will allow you to learn and get certifications as well as participate in Huawei national and international events.
The first step is to create an account, and then you have to associate it with our school: Higher National School of Renewable Energies, Environment and Sustainable Development
Please register by following the steps outlined in this link:
Your approval for the account association with our Academy may take up to 24 hours.
Huawei offers three levels of certification:
– Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA)
– Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP)
– Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE)
Before to take the certification exam, you can study some introductory courses that prepares you for the certification courses. Check the following link for the introductory courses which are designed for University Students:
To know more about the content of this courses check:
There are also many other courses (Including certification courses HCIA, HCIP HCIE) that you can find in this link:
When you finish learning one of the HCIA or HCIP Courses you need a Voucher to pass the exam and get the certification, at that stage, please contact:
Stay motivated and good luck!!!

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