Celebration of the National Day of Science:
As it is the tradition, The National Higher School of Renewable Energies, Environment and Sustainable Development organized a very special Science -day celebration in tribute to one of the most prominent names in the history of Algerian Higher Education, Prof. Youcef Mentalechta.
In presence of Prof. Mentalechta himself, Dr. Mourad Bouache and Dr. Younes Guerar, the celebration was set off
The beginning of the program was set off by naming one of the School’s amphitheaters after Professor Rachid Tuori , as well as naming the Complex encompassing Chemistery-labs, Computing centers and the Library after  Professor Youssef Mantalshta.
The central activity of the program was the speeches and interventions presented by all three honorary guests , more specifically the very emotional intervention of Profesor Mentalechta in which he shared his life experiences, his debutes, his revolutionary devotion, his scientific achievements and -most importantly, the lessons he has a learnt throughout the years.  The intensity of the speech created an emotional atmosphere which ostensibly affected students, teachers and guests alike .
Professor Mentalechta’s speech was followed by intervetions of Dr. Bouache and Dr. Guerrar, and two other on-line interventions by Prof. Mebarek Boukaaba and Prof. Ahmed Boubakour from Polythech Algiers which were all equally motivational and very impactful.

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