The Laboratory of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Smart Systems (LEREESI) is a research laboratory affiliated with the Higher National School of Renewable Energies, Environment & Sustainable Development. Since its creation in December 2022, the LEREESI has been run by a staff of 35 researchers, (including six PhD students) partitioned into four teams. This multidisciplinary research environment, wherein different research areas- such as thermal engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, and computer science- intersect, addresses complex scientific and engineering energy-related challenges, both computationally and experimentally.

The primary mission of the LEREESI is to conduct research that aims to suggest solutions for effective implementation of smart renewable energy technologies into the local and national socioeconomic sectors.

Fields and areas of research include:

  • Design and optimization of renewable energy conversion systems
  • Integrating efficiently renewable energy in buildings
  • Power management and control strategies
  • Grid integration and interconnection
  • Developing smart control strategies for efficient energy management
  • Integrating of advanced technologies with intelligent algorithms for automated functionalities
  • Energy audit in industry and in buildings
  • Modeling and design of solar cells
  • Characterization and elaboration of semi-conductor materials for PV applications

Address: Higher National School of Renewable Energies, Environment & Sustainable Development – Constantine road, Fesdis, Batna 05078, Algeria.

Tel: +213 (0) 33 23 03 31 – Fax: +213 (0) 33 23 02 64


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A word from the Director:

Prof Fouad KHALDI ….


The LEREESI comprises four teams:

TEAM 1: Thermal Engineering and Sustainable Development

Drawing upon its members’ expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and scientific computation, the team’s activities are devoted to the design and optimization of renewable energy systems and energy-efficient technologies. The team develops analysis and assessment studies on the technological and economic feasibility of implementing adapted engineering solutions in the Algerian context. The analyses and expertise are based on modeling and simulation as well as experimental validation and testing.

Areas of research and expertise:

  • Design of green hydrogen production plants
  • Modeling and control of hydrogen internal combustion engines
  • Modeling and control of fuel cells
  • Implementing of solar energy in buildings for heating and cooling
  • Techno-economic analysis and assessment of renewable energy projects

Team members:

  • Prof. Fouad Khaldi (Leader)
  • Prof. Mounir Aksas
  • Prof. Derradji Bahloul
  • Prof. Fethi Bouras
  • Dr. Adel Chine
  • Dr. Kamel Fedaoui
  • Dr. Hichem Amrani
  • Dr. Ahmed Benyoucef
  • Dr. Meriem Lemmouchi
  • Dr. Saad Eddine Hamizi
  • Dr. Khireddine Baadache
  • Dr. Yahia Saadi
  • Dr. Youcef Himiri
  • Dr. Imen Abdou
  • Dr. Sameh Lebbal
  • Mr. Ayoub Boutaghane
  • Mrs. Hassina Ghodbane
  • Mr. Mohamed El Amine Guerbazi
TEAM 2: Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development

The team contributes to the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions in the local and national socioeconomic sectors. Its research activities are mainly focused on analysis, design, and incorporating renewable electricity into different scales of the electrical grid system. The team is involved in many research projects ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution within the existing grid infrastructure. The team’s studies are focused on developing modern control strategies for the management of hybrid electricity generation.

Areas of research and expertise:

  • Hybrid system modeling and design
  • Power management and control strategies
  • Grid integration and interconnection
  • Grid management and localized microgrids

Team members:

  • Prof. Leila Mokhnache (Leader)
  • Prof. Mohamed-Said Nait-Said
  • Dr. Samir Bouslimani
  • Dr. Salim Ghoggali
  • Dr. Abdelhak Hadj
  • Dr. Farida Lebbal
TEAM 3: Networks and Intelligent Information Technologies

The Networks and Intelligent Information Technologies team is at the forefront of research and application in the fields of networks, artificial intelligence, green computing, and sustainable informatics. With a core objective of optimizing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability, the team leverages advanced computer networks, cutting-edge AI techniques, and innovative approaches in green computing and sustainable informatics. By combining these fields, the team aims to develop novel solutions that maximize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and foster sustainable practices in information technology..

Areas of research and expertise:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Advanced network technologies
  • IT systems and databases
  • Big Data and data analysis
  • Intelligent embedded systems
  • Image processing
  • Smart cities
  • Cybersecurity
  • Teleommunications and Internet of Things
  • Green and sustainable computing

Team members:

  • Prof. Larbi Guezouli (Leader)
  • Prof. Djallel Eddine Boubiche
  • Dr. Lyamine Guezouli
  • Dr. Mahmoud Hadef
  • Dr. Samir Athmani
  • Dr. Amine Barkat
  • Dr. Sabrina Boubiche
  • Dr. Abderrahim Benmachiche

TEAM 4: Innovative Materials and Energy Efficiency

The team’s research focuses on the development of innovative materials for renewable energy conversion systems, namely solar energy. It is particularly interested in developing the processes involved in the manufacture of various materials. The team works on the study of physical mechanisms observed at particle level, as well as on the realization of devices.

Areas of research and expertise:

  • TBA

Team members:

  • Dr. Mohamed Amir Abdi (Leader)
  • Prof. Nacereddine Lakhdar
  • Dr. Fyçal Meddour
  • Dr. Toufik Bendib 
  • Dr. Souhil Kouda
  • Dr. Hichem Bencherif
  • Dr. Elasaad Chebaki
  • Dr. Nidhal Abdelmalek
  • Mr. Ziyad Younsi
  • Mrs. Souad Belferdi
  • Mrs. Yasmina Zeghiche


PhD Thesis in progress

PhD Student


Supervisor and Co-Supervisor

Hassina Ghodbane

Dynamic modeling and control of a hydrogen internal combustion engine

Fouad Khaldi and Derradji Bahloul

Mohamed El Amine Gherbazi

Study of hydrogen fuel cell systems

Adel Chine and Fouad Khaldi

Ayoub Boutaghane

Optimal design of a hybrid PV/Wind system for green hydrogen production under decentralized sites in Algeria

Mounir Aksas and Nadhir Lebaal

Ziyad Younsi

Study and modeling of electronics and photovoltaic devices using novel materials

Fayçal Meddour and Hihem Bencherif

Souad Belferdi

Study and modeling of optoelectronics and photovoltaic devices based on 2D materials

Mohamed Amir Abdi and Hihem Bencherif

Yasmina Zeghiche

Contribution to the modelling and optimization of optical-electrical properties of solar cells using artificial intelligence techniques

Toufik BENDIB Bendib and Nidhal Abdelmalek