Important Notes:

  • Please fill in all required areas before sending the form
  • This form is specifically intended for students admitted in the second cycle of National higher schools, and assigned to the Higher National School of Renewable Energies, Environment & Sustainable Development
  • You are invited to complete the present form and select, by order of priority, your field of study (specialty)
  • The assignment to the specialties will be carried out by order of merit, and according to the candidates’ ranking in the contest. The results of the assignments will be posted on the school’s website
  • Pre-registrations are open until Thursday, October 07th, 2021. After this deadline the form will automatically be closed.
  • Any student who has not submitted the pre-registration form by the above-indicated deadline will permanently lose the benefit of his raking, and consequently will only have the right to enroll in another unsaturated specialty
  • Payment of registration fees and the hard copy of the pr-registration file will be requested later
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