The Higher National School of Renewable Energies, Environment & Sustainable Development has organized a scholar visit, for the 3rd year students (Option IRIIA), to the Amlasaa brickyard which is located in Batna, Algeria. The Amlasaa brickyard is a full automated and modern factory based on the industry 4.0 technologies where all the machines are autonomous, and connected to an industrial network composed of PLCs and industrial computers and supervised remotely using a SCADA system.

The students had the opportunity to discover the production process, and how the machines are automated and connected to the industrial network. Also, a short lesson has been presented to the students about the PLC programing using an industrial simulation tool.

We extend our special thanks to Mr. Samir B., Amslasaa’s technical director, who provided invaluable insight and advices to the students during the scholar visit.

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