باسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  والصلاة والسلام على سيدنا محمد

It is with such a great delight that we welcome you to the opening ceremony of the academic year 2020/2021, held FOR THE FIRST TIME here in the National Higher school of Renewable Energies, Environment and sustainable development. We thank you for honouring us with your attendance, which is but another manifestation of your unfaltering trust, unwavering encouragement and genuine support, and for all that, we are extremely grateful.

Fellow professors, researchers and industrials from both inside the country and abroad, and all those who have firmly believed in the School ever since it was a just a vision, and who never spared any effort to help making this vision become reality; we are immensely pleased to have you among us in this event, and we seize the opportunity to admit that we couldn’t have pulled this off without your assistance , we are sincerely appreciative to you all for your engagement and enthusiasm which have characterized your backing and help since day one. On the same occasion, we would like to apologize to those of you who could not make it due to the particular health circumstances imposed by COVID19 upon the country and the whole world, but we hope to see you in future events and further collaborations.

Dear students;

What can I say more than: ALL THIS IS FOR YOU!  The tremendous efforts made by the local and national authorities, the school administrators, professors and partners alike, the fight which has been undertaken to concertise the School, the pledge which was made to ensure a high-quality training and distinguished education which hopefully would bring the School into line with the international standards, ALL THIS IS FOR YOU! You are the future, and far from trying to put any pressure on you, we truly believe that you are up the mission of taking the School in particular, and Algerian scientific research in general, to the level of prestigious institutions and universities.

Yet, it should be reminded that the overall aim of our School is not JUST confined to attributing degrees to trained students, we aspire higher than that: we hope to contribute to raising responsible, intellectually committed Men and Women for a better Algeria!

Dear all;

It is commonly agreed that one of the major challenges Algeria is facing is the problem of securing food, water, health and energy, and it is equally agreed that traditional solutions cannot put an end to such problems. Accordingly, our country finds itself compelled to keep up with the major transformations and transitions the world at large has adopted. In this respect, Intelligence proved to be one of the most effective of these adopted solutions, and any other attempt to adjust to the requirements of the present-times challenges is undoubtedly leading to a dead end.

It is true that such a transition will not be easy, and it will certainly not be achieved in a fortnight , but with the concerted efforts of us all, and the well-intentioned coordination established between the local authorities, the two universities of Batna (Batna1 and 2), the National Higher School of Renewable Energies, Environment and Sustainable Development and many international competencies, it is a win-win situation, and the borne fruit will definitely contribute to the overall welfare of our beloved country.

It is important to acknowledge also the untiring support of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who reiterated his personal interest in the school during his phone-call yesterday. He emphasized as well the importance given by the government to the school, asserting that the training it offers is in perfect concordance with the immediate and distant priorities of the country, namely the energetic, environmental and health dimensions. The minister equally restated his willingness to ensure that any help which would promote education and research will be provided, so that the School becomes an example of high quality-education, both nationally and internationally.

All things considered, I would like to reaffirm my earnest thanks to all of you who set out with us in this quest for knowledge, another record of how Algerians are ready to set out in rough places and hard times when it comes to Algeria!

My last message to our students: you made the right choice when you opted for the school, and only time will confirm this!

Thank You !



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Au nom de Dieu, le Miséricordieux, et que les bénédictions soient sur notre prophète Muhammad

Je vous souhaite à tous la bienvenue dans votre Ecole Nationale des Energies Renouvelables, de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable

L’Algérie est confrontée à des défis majeurs qui menacent sa sécurité alimentaire (nourriture et eau), sa santé et son énergie, et il n’est jamais possible de trouver des solutions en dehors de la formation distinguée qui fait face aux transformations majeures du monde.

L‘intelligence est devenue la monnaie forte des pays, qui trace l’avenir de n’importe quel pays, et tenter ailleurs est comme quelqu’un qui essaie de creuser un puits dans un désert.

Avec les efforts concertés de tous et la coordination entre les autorités locales et les deux universités de Batna, qui ont produit des cadres aux compétences internationales, et entre cette école, chacun gagnera et goûtera le succès qui rendra un service historique à l’Algérie.

Notre objectif dans cette école n’est pas de donner des diplômes, mais plutôt de former des hommes et des femmes pour l’avenir de l’Algérie.

Le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique nous a appelés hier pour nous faire part de son intérêt personnel pour cette école ainsi que de la préoccupation de tout le gouvernement, car la formation qu’elle propose est totalement inscrite dans les priorités immédiates et lointaines de l’Etat dans ses dimensions énergétiques et environnementales – sanitaires et la dimension du développement durable qui crée de la richesse et qu’aucun effort ne sera épargné pour que notre école démarre fortement pour devenir un centre rayonnant au niveau national et régional.

Mes remerciements à tous ceux qui sont partis dans des endroits et des temps difficiles, et notre région a été nourrie d’un esprit de défi en ce qui concerne l’Algérie.

Mon dernier mot aux étudiants: vous ne vous êtes pas trompés en ayant choisi cette formation et cette école

L’avenir seul nous le montrera, avec l’aide de Dieu Tout-Puissant


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