Mr. Tawfiq Mahzoud, Wali of Batna wilaya, supervised the inauguration of the first university year 2020/2021, at the Higher National School for Renewable Energies, Environment and Sustainable Development. Mr. Tawfiq Mahzoud considered the school as a pride and an exemplary achievement, noting that such accomplishments did not come from nowhere, as they are an extension of the sacrifices of the martyrs and the greats of the liberation revolution.

  • Mr. Al-Wali praised the path of the school principal and her ability to gain the trust of the administration and the respect of her colleagues.
  • The importance of involving the university community in digitizing and modernizing administration to defeat bureaucracy.
  • Carrying the burden of intellectual and moral responsibility and integrating the efforts of students to achieve an honorable academic position to make the state’s efforts aimed at regional and international influence one of our noble tasks.
  • Sustainable development and preservation of the environment thanks to the acquired competencies and skills, is a serious attempt to enter the modern world club.

As a reminder, the Wali was honored by the school on the sidelines of his opening the 2020/2021 academic year.


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